Friday, December 21, 2012

The end of the world and stuff

Here we still are. Great, isn't it? I mean - did you ever truly doubt it? I got my head around this end-of-the-world scenario many, many years ago. Most of you will remember me as 'slightly wacko' from time to time. So, wacko old me was contemplating the end of the Mayan calendar, the Hopi map (most of the world submerged) and other stuff as  early as the early 70s.

The first time I really, REALLY thought about it I figured it wouldn't matter too much as far as I was concerned because I'd be well over 70 by then and probably doolala anyway. I was very sad for my children, though, and that got me off to really, REALLY fish for more info.

 First of all I found that everyone who believed in the fact that a new way of living had to be 'invented' or we'd all dig our own grave anyway, had nothing to do with what that kind of wish-washy so-called New Age began to be all about.

The New Age as envisaged by the sages was not about nice little fairies, pixies, communing with the leprechauns and definitely not with some Archangel Michael getting all the prepared ones(?) into some sort of New-Age spaceships to ferry them into ascension. A lot of people actually believed that. I don't know if any of you ever dived into this as much as I did and listened to those really, REALLY silly 'ascension tapes'. They were traded like gold dust or pure heroin, in secret, in whispers (psst - I have them, I'll tape them for you, or I lend them to you if you promise...).

What did you expect to see this morning?

I won't go into the long list of New-Age fads which became a very lucrative business - from selling special crystals to meditation stones and what have you. I don't mean to imply that crystals and meditation stones aren't a good thing to have. I own some wonderful crystals and I am convinced they resonate with me and some may even be healing. What I objected to more and more was that those guys only wanted to squeeze a buck out of the believers (and how many uncritical believers there were) as they could get away with. Many of us serious 'New Agers' jumped off that bandwagon very quickly.

Yet, there is a New Age. And it's here. Don't know whether you can feel it (it's still closing in with stealth but will probably soon get bolder) which is simply about us all becoming, let's put it carefully, nicer. Nicer? Well, with a bit of a push and a shove, we open up to the plight of others, we begin to understand that whether you are blue, purple, black, white, green with antennae, or furry with four feet and probably a tail, we're all the same. We hurt, we bleed, we hope, we love and, now, here is the novelty, we all have a great big communal soul pond. Some would even say that we are becoming 'Christed'. What?

The interpretation of 'christing' is 'the process of attaining the state of the 'Christ', or embodying the frequency of unconditional love'.

Anyway, this is just a little note to congratulate us all on being here and looking forward to the times a-coming. I don't believe we see any immediate change, no thunderclap y, voilĂ , nothing so exciting. But I am absolutely delighted that I am here to experience this.

Crop Circle

I remember my father. We (I and my little baby boy) went to visit my parents in Germany. Sitting on the parental bed we watched, awed, the first man walking on the moon. In black and white. And my father (born in 1892 and a test pilot of the first aeroplanes in 1911 - imagine! - and a bit of a mad genius) grinned, clapped his 77-year-old hands, and said, "I am so glad I am still here to see this."

And so say all of us. So, let's be kind to each other and our world. It's the only one we have and it's beautiful.

Today that's all from me, folks, slightly wacko, very happy, and wishing you all an exciting shift and a new beginning. See you next year! God bless.

As always,
with besitos desde Lima,
Rose, Rosie, Rosmarie, Romy etc...

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  1. Rose, fun post. What I have come to realize is that for every age — at least for as long as we have records of human writing — there have been pending 'new' ages. It is very funny, actually.

    And, to be totally perverse, I have somewhat skeptically come to see the elevation of 'new ageism' — beyond the money grabbing, I mean — as a means by which we can defer changing our selves and our immediate environment to some kind of vague tomorrow. Self examination is a difficult task, and the human animal a 'lazy, even torpid' creature, as CG Jung put it. We don't want to change and so new ageism allows us to put off to tomorrow the changes we need to make today.

    Thanks for the post, Rose, It got me thinking about this a bit more than I had been.

    Merry Christmas, and all my best to kith and kin.