Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good Bye...

... and soon to be Hello.

Just want to let you all know that this blog is coming to an end and is going to be 'archive only'. As most of you know, this started as a kind of 'round robin' for all my friends when I moved to Peru. One way of staying in touch.

I have taken you from my first Lima experiences through new grand-daughters to musings on all and sundry. The well is dry.

I am at home in Lima now. Lima, with all its wonderfulness and its pitfalls, its horrendous traffic and pollution, its coastal desert and its beaches, its absolutely incredible eateries and... I am even getting into Peruvian politics and can't help bitching. Well, I bitched about politics and politicians everywhere I went. Plus ├ža change...

Talking about bitching takes me right to the grain of this message: when I get back from Europe, some time mid July, I'll start another blog. Wo' for? Because I want a more general platform where I can get rid of some of the bile, talk about fun things, or generally not quite PC stuff or spin a yarn, or come up with yet another conspiracy theory. See what I mean?

End April I'll be off to see the wizard and quite a few of you over the two-and-half months I'll be away. But, clearly, the point of the travelling exercise is first and foremost to see 'my babies', who are already three years old and incredibly pretty, intelligent, talented and on their way to be prime ministers, CEOs, painters, film makers, divas, engineers or world-renowned dancers and/or models, writers, poets, photographers, doctors, firewomen... Who knows. 

So, really, it's only a 'good bye for now'. Should you feel like re-reading stuff, nothing to stop yoou. The blog stays on the internet, just becomes inactive.

I haven't decided yet one hundred per cent what I shall call the new blog - something in the direction of 'shameless and opinionated'. You get the drift. 
Thank you for having accompanied me so far. Talk soon. Rose


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  1. Rose!
    Well, I am sad for me and the other people who have found this blog! And I am happy for you and look forward your new endeavour! I understand your change in momentum. This, to me abrupt change, has brought a smile to my face. And has me reflecting on how my own blog has evolved. It started in one direction, and went sideways on me. So I do understand this - or at least I think I do! LoL!

    You continue to inspire! Your energy makes the world more alive.